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You're clearly not greedy enough. Here's the UK link with my affiliate ID :-P :

Papaerback - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Non-Designers-Design-Book-Robin-Will...

Kindle - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Non-Designers-Design-Book-3rd-ebook/...


I do not fathom the people who have been downvoting my comment. By all means, if you find someone on this site who submits nothing but link spam, downvote and flag them. Otherwise, why get your knickers in a knot about me getting a pittance for recommending a book I happened to like?

I have learnt to ignore HN downvotes on my comments, and am now learning to also ignore upvotes. Thinking about internet karma is not worth anyone's time, especially because it robs you of your sense of humour.

I agree wholeheartedly with your last sentence.

After stoping to care for downvotes and upvotes, I started to see my karma as a _wallet_, with it I could _spend_ points in irrelevant comments, bad jokes, etc., but not carelessly, just enough to have a good laugh without compromise or worry. Positive points in my _wallet_ means I'm still contributing positively to this community, just that.

The whole karma system is childish and unnecessary. Assigning imaginary points to posts doesn't improve them any more than taking them away discourages trolling and juvenile behavior.

The affiliate link affects the way some of us see the recommendation. In turn this reduces the contribution of you comment. It's kind of an internalized spam filter.

I would never downvote you for it, and I'm not saying you're wrong to put it in, I'm just trying to explain how some of us here will see it.

I'm more likely to check out the link if (a) you have nothing to gain and (b) I've seen great design work you've done. Without that I usually can't be bothered.

Why would you sacrifice your objectivity for what you admit is a pittance?

I'm not sacrificing my objectivity. I wouldn't post a link to something merely for the money. But since I'm posting a link to something I feel is worthwhile, I might as well put some money in the stash for more Kindle books.

Probably because so many people are reasonable until there's seventeen cents towards their wishlist on the table and then they'll shill for anything to get it.

An Amazon link doesn't save as much time as it would have in the 90s and the message looks spammier for it.

I recommend against the Kindle version, as the illustrations are messed up. Which is really bad, because they are supposed to illustrate design

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