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Dive into Ethereum signatures with Raku language (raku-advent.blog)
78 points by pheix 11 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Never thought I'd see the day where anyone was advocating using Perl for cryptocurrency purposes, let alone cryptography.

I know, I know, it's not Perl anymore, but still. Life is stranger than fiction.

To be honest Rakulang is quite comfortable for Ethereum dev. Traditionally a lot of tools and utils were written in JS (the well-know Web3 and others) and when I tried to do/implement smth similar in Raku I was very surprised: Raku has many handy features out of the box (big numbers, binary buffers) and also is very flexible for the bindings. I mean if you have experience with Perl's SWIG, Raku's NativeCall is much more clear and powerful - so you can easily write binding to any C/C++ lib, like it was done for secp256k1 and original Keccak-256.

Anyway, I think Raku is very good for Ethereum as well for any other blockchains.

Why? You can do anything client side in any language

Not familiar with the lore behind why it would interesting in the language formerly known as Perl

Did it lack cryptography libraries for a long time or was it notoriously bad at something?

Perl has a reputation (justifiably IMO) for the default being unreadable/unmaintainable code, particularly because almost everything was done with regular expressions.

The author is referring to this when juxtaposing it with it being used for a financial system.

Raku is not the old Perl, so I think it is unfair to bring up the patterns of Perl 5.x and earlier. Pretty exciting to see a real use case for Raku/Perl6, and for it to be as heavy as Ethereum code imho.


Camels have a long history of transporting wealth. So it isn't all quiet over at CPAN ;)

there's also a PERL coin, the loop is closed

Our ecosystem could use a little more Perl.

I would be fine with more Tcl as well, really.

I had brief foray into the modern Tcl community and was blown away by the toxicity, gatekeeping, misogyny and... well, hate.

Never going back there again.

I only know the IRC Tcl community; I have a different experience, but not that I was caring much about the community anyways. They will not deter me from using a good language.

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