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Rising Team | Senior and/or Lead Software Engineer | Remote (USA) | Full time

Want to work at a place where you are understood, supported, and empowered to reach your goals?

We envision a world where everyone works at such a place. If that sounds awesome and if you believe we can successfully help managers do this, it follows that we'd be a great place to work for you.

Our product helps managers with team development by giving them team building sessions in a box that grow deeper connections and improve team effectiveness based on leadership principles such as psychological safety, setting clear expectations, appreciation, and more.

Women and underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

See the full role at https://risingteam.com/careers/senior-software-engineer or email me jeff(at)risingteam(dot)com.

We use Python and React, but you don't need those on your resume if you feel comfortable picking up new languages.

Also, as an experiment, I've been doing career chats and they have been quite rewarding so far. Feel free to reach out if you feel stuck or something's not working for you at work.

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