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Stoplight | Senior Frontend Engineer | US Full Remote | Full-Time | https://stoplight.io/



"Stoplight is expanding our engineering team with developers excited about working on a product meant for other developers. Our design-first platform is changing the way product and engineering teams build and collaborate on their microservice applications. Are you an experienced frontend software engineer looking for an opportunity to create a new, more efficient design workflow process for the world of API development?

As a remote-first company, we are open to applicants from anywhere in the US. We are not currently sponsoring employment visas."


Hi, I'm Noah, a senior software engineer at Stoplight. Stoplight builds open-source products that help developers design and document APIs. Our commercial products build on our open-source offerings by giving architects and developers a central location to design, document, and collaborate on their APIs. Our primary stack involves modern JavaScript/TypeScript frameworks and technologies:

- Node.js

- React

- MobX

- Redux

- Overmind


- PostgreSQL

- Hasura

- Graphile

- GraphQL


Check out our open-source projects! https://github.com/stoplightio

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