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Ask HN: Who's Hiring? (Intern Edition)
65 points by adbge on Aug 19, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 39 comments
Hey, HN'ers,

I noticed that there didn't seem to be many internship opportunities in the August edition of the "Who's Hiring?" thread, so I decided to take it upon myself to right this clear injustice.

Please include:

* Company

* Location

* Are you willing to relocate potential interns?

* What does your company do?

* What technologies are involved?

* Length of internship

* Paid/Unpaid

If you're looking for a passionate C/Unix/systems programming intern, feel free to contact me directly. (Email is in my profile.)

We're Mixpanel, Inc. and we're located in San Francisco, CA.

We do real-time analytics for tons of companies like EA, Quora, Hunch, Slide, Inc., etc.

We write Python, C, and Javascript--we wrote our own datastore from scratch. We have 218 servers right now. The internship would be 2-3 months (standard).

Definitely paid.

http://mixpanel.com/jobs/ (Any intern can apply to any of those positions)

SeatGeek (marketing internship) http://seatgeek.com/ New York, NY (11th and Broadway)

Looking for local people, but transportation is expensed

SeatGeek is a ticket search engine that enables fans to quickly and easily find the best price for sports and concert events on the secondary ticket market.

Technologies: https://github.com/seatgeek

Length = 1 semester or minimum 8-10 weeks

Unpaid internship. Can sign off on college credit and provide extensive formalized training in customer aquisition/SEO/PPC

Apply to me directly by emailing a resume to chad@seatgeek.com or read more here: http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/Online_Marketing_Fall_Internsh...

Look at how cool our last interns were: http://seatgeek.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/some-of-...

Bump (YC S09, Sequoia, a16z)

downtown Mountain View, CA

We make Bump, one of the top 10 mobile apps of all time, which we're using to let you do lots of stuff in the physical world with people, places, and things around you.

Python, Haskell, Obj C, Java // back-end, mobile, mobile-web

We love interns (we had 11 this summer!)



Heyzap (SF, YC and USV funded) is always hiring great interns.

We pay and relocate interns and internships are normally 3 months.

We have a successful Android and iPhone app for games. We do Android, iPhone, Rails, Mongodb, Redis, Mobile web, CSS etc.

apply: http://heyzap.com/jobs

Fog Creek Software, NYC

We're hiring co-ops and interns for Fall 2011 and (soon) for Summer 2012. We love expert coders in all languages (we use lots of C#, python, JS, but we're flexible). Internships are paid and tend to be 10-14 weeks, and include housing among other perks.

Learn more at http://www.fogcreek.com/Jobs/SummerIntern.html (it doesn't mention the fall, but just email us!)

Brightcove in Cambridge MA

We're an online video platform looking for a stellar QA intern for the fall.

You'd probably be using Java & Javascript/Actionscript but we use python/jython as well.

Totally paid.

We're also looking for Marketing interns in London.

Send me an email (in profile) if you have any questions, i started as an intern three years ago and just came on full time, working here is a blast :)



Mountain View, CA

Internships are paid, I believe that should cover expenses but we can negotiate if you're a fit.

Re-inventing the browser to match how people use the web today. Bringing social interaction and link discovery to the browser itself.

We're looking for interns of all types. C++/Obj-C for native client dev (rooting around in Chromium and building features), JS and HTML for platform application dev, and Java for our back end.

We've had some interns stay with us for the year round, so we can find something that works for you.

Paid internship.

Further job descriptions: http://www.rockmelt.com/jobs.html Or send questions or a resume to my email in my profile.

We're OpenX, located in Pasadena, CA.

We're willing to relocate, and the internship length is flexible. The internships are paid.

We wrote an ad server and have our own ad exchange. We also wrote our own time-series datastore (Erlang and C). Most of our code is Erlang, Java, and C. We're using Cassandra, Riak, CouchDB, Hadoop, and others.

We have datacenters in the US (east/west), EU, and Japan. We handle billions of requests a day, and get a couple hundred milliseconds on each one to determine which ad is the best one to serve. A typical request will hit eight backends in that time period. If that sounds fun, you can reach me at joel at openx . com.

ReminderMedia in King of Prussia, PA (near Philly) is the publisher of American Lifestyle magazine.

We're looking for a local intern to help us get Puppet up and running this fall. Experience with Linux is really the only pre-requisite. Definitely paid and 16 weeks is our normal internship length but we're flexible.

You can email me directly at jcampbell@remindermedia.com


Shopobot (Google Ventures Funded) in Seattle, WA (SLU) as of 9/1 is working on saving people money when they by consumer electronics.

We're a Java shop and will also consider biz dev or marketing interns. Internships are paid and we're open to any length. Email me at juliuss@shopobot.com -- a short informal email describing your skills is the best way to apply.

San Francisco, CA Affine Systems generates data about online video using computer vision (face recognition, product recognition, scene classification, etc.) for advertisers to use in targeting and filtering their online video campaigns.

We did over a million dollars in revenue last year working on campaigns for major brands. We recently raised our B round, led by Crosslink Capital, the investors behind Pandora.

We are looking for test-driven interns (and full-time) engineers (and sysadmins) to work on an internet-scale video processing pipeline using Python, MySQL, Hadoop, Selenium, ffmpeg and other open source tools. Its goal is to find and ingest videos from web pages and to generate and store metadata about those videos using our vision algorithms written in C++.

We are looking for paid interns for this semester (and beyond) who are capable of working alongside us in our office in San Francisco.

If interested, please contact me (founder/ CTO) at bobby@affinesystems.com Thanks.

SpeakerText is hiring interns to work out of our downtown San Francisco office. This is a paid internship, we are looking for web developers with RoR experience.

Check out details: http://speakertext.com/jobs/developer_intern or email thehacker@speakertext.com.

My start up, Incident Tech, is always looking for new interns especially those versed in any kind of C language. We are still running mostly stealth but on a top level are developing a new kind of music entertainment experience oriented an consumer electronics device you dock your iPhone into which then connects you to our online platform. Our tech stack is nearly all of the C's (C/++/#/objective) and on the web side of things we're running a pretty standard LAMP stack.

Our internships have both salary and equity components. We're located in Santa Clara for now, likely to move up farther north in the next few months. Willing to talk about relocation. The length of the internship is flexible but typically it's 3-6 months.

our teaser page: http://www.incidenttech.com

We're CommonPlace USA, of Anytown, USA -- Massachusetts more than anything, but we're mostly distributed.

We are building a web platform that will help save civic America from the decentralization of modern communication. We are looking for one of two candidates:

1) Ruby on Rails backend developer. Must be willing to dabble in Javascript here and there, but mostly looking for the Ruby/Rails/database/architecture work.

2) Front-end guy. We have an awesome designer, and want to get his ideas into our code base as quickly as possible. Requires the obvious HTML/CSS/Javascript. HAML/SASS (with some familiarity with Rails -- not too much) is greatly appreciated, but certainly not a requisite.

This internship would be paid. Definitely. And we're looking for dedicated people who can start soon!

My e-mail address is in my profile -- we'd love to hear from you :)

Company: pocketvillage



Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Internship is paid, relocation isn't

Length of internship: 3mo - inf

What we do: We're a young startup aggregating extraordinary activities, standardizing & enhancing the data, and redistributing it through our API.


* Python coding skills are required, Django and SOLR/Lucene knowledge would be great.

* We're also looking for some helping hands in our Ops department, helping to build a solid monitoring and auto-scaling solution for our AWS instances.

We're quite a small startup so you're not just a coding monkey and can expect to be involved in architecture decisions as well.

AppStores, in San Francisco, right by Union Square, need a marketing and community management intern, but you can make the roll as developery as you want. A developer evangelist would be hot.

We're a white label application store platform.

We just opened up a spot for an intern. We had two awesome ones from the east coast this summer and they went back to school.

  * internship is paid

  * a relocation isn't

  * it's for the fall semester

  * we have a lot of fun (we did Improv Everywhere on Tue, going bowling tonight)
More info and application here:


Buzzient Inc.

Boston, MA

Harvests, analyzes and integrates social media data with enterprise applications. We have our own web application but also push data to other apps to allow customer service and lead gen to happen (Salesforce, Oracle, Siebel, Interactive Intelligence)

We are a Python, jQuery, Linux shop and use the following libs for dev: SQLAlchemy, Boto, Buildbot, Selenium, Git, JIRA, SVN.

Internships are Absolutely Paid and FT for three months. See our job posting here http://bit.ly/pbvtFe

See some videos here http://www.youtube.com/user/buzzient#p/u/7/d9BLn49D20M

Web Age Corp in Shanghai, China We're doing consulting in Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Sinatra and any technology that is a good fit for the job at hand.

As an intern in here, you will be given a real project to work on that will ship. You will receive mentoring from the team, and get to make and argue technical decisions for the project you’re working on. If you think that node.js (or any other technology) is the best tool for that particular project and you make a convincing case, we’ll listen to you.

We would pay you a small stipend to cover the costs of living in Shanghai. Minimum length is 4 months.

You can email me directly at intern@webagecorp.com

* Koupon Media

* Dallas, TX

* Remote or local, amazing talent is all we care about!

* We are a backend platform that ties into any promotional campaign so that nothing is lost in the transition from a users' online engagement to the point of sale. Our first launch was with Pepsi.

* ASP.Net/JS/Obj-C/Java/JQuery. All we care about is you showing us projects that you have worked on, and why you chose the certain tech design patterns that you did; everything else is simply fluff!

* 3 months (extendable if you are awesome!)

* Paid (we are not stingy)

Contact gbutler@kou.pn and tell your friends about us because we are fair at best guys! Or don't. Your choice. Skype me bro at "JustBivIt" because I would love to talk!

Zencoder, based in San Francisco. We process millions of videos in the cloud, for large and small customers, via awesome APIs.

We're looking for Sales, Marketing, and Engineering interns.

* Engineering interns should know Ruby/Rails with a slight DevOps flavor, or know C and have interest or experience in video processing.

* Marketing interns will work on a range of marketing projects, from SEO and analytics to helping strategize and coordinate marketing campaigns.

* Sales interns will work with our inbound and existing customers, and may participate in some outbound sales.

Internships are paid, and we can help with relocation. Email in my profile.

Heyawanna Labs (San Francisco)

* We're a social site in its early stages that allows you to find more people through friends, mainly for activities. For example, need a few more people for poker? Find a friend, or a friend of a friend. Or need a 3rd roommate for a sweet 3BR apartment? Look for friends looking for the same, or their friends. Sure beats soliciting randos on craigslist.

* PHP / Mysql / MongoDB

* We're happy to pay to relocate you

* Pay will be equity/salary, negotiable

* Negotiable timing

Please apply if you also feel passionate about the problem we're trying to solve. :)

We're also looking for non interns, and designers. You can email me at leo@heyawanna.com

Kiva, in San Francisco, has unpaid internships available for both tech and non-tech positions. They typically last 3-6 months, and it's a whole lot of fun if you are in a situation in life where you can get by without pay while building some skills and hanging out with some really neat people. Perks include regular servings of real Coke, donut holes, movie & game nights, free coffe and booze, and getting to help entrepreneurs from around the world. http://www.kiva.org/volunteer

UpOut | San Francisco We're a fresh new startup (2 guys going on 3) looking for people interested in helping others have the best first date, best family weekend or just an awesome game a pickup basketball.

Paid (Stipend)

Looking for 2 interns. Passionate writers, business devs and content curators. Pretty much anyone who wants to get involved with a startup at the ground floor and can hustle. Ideal candidate is currently in college and wants to work part-time (move to full time in the summer or at graduation).

Email me at martin@UpOut.com if interested.

Sonar, a TechCrunch Disrupt finalist based in New York City, is building mobile apps that uncover the hidden connections you share with people nearby.

We're offering a paid engineering internship this fall, and we'll relocate the right candidate. We running Ruby, Riak, and Redis and we're looking for engineers who want to work the whole stack.

To apply, please send links to your github (or OSS hosted elsewhere), online profiles, and resume to "work@sonar.me"

More here: http://bit.ly/luV2tz

http://Classroom.tv, we are located in Palo Alto, CA.

We want to educate as many people as possible, for free.

We are well funded. We don't care too much about the technologies you know today, but we care much more about your passions, and about your ability to learn fast (we do). We are using the traditional LAMP stack plus JS/JQuery.

And we pay. Our best people don't work for the money though. Email to talent@classroom.tv

We're a stealth startup in SF that's part of i/o ventures.

We're in the outdoor adventure and travel space and looking for people who are passionate in that area.

We are looking for potential interns and willing to relocate them.

We have open positions for RoR developers both front end and backend, mobile developers, and biz dev and sales. We are well funded and can pay an hourly salary.

Length of internship is negotiable.

if you're interested, please send an email to hello@whitehawkventures.com

Work Market, NYC, looking for fall intern.

We're building a new labor management platform. You would pretty much have the ability to get involved in anything that interests you here--though there would be an emphasis on business.

Unpaid, but could be a great opportunity if you're interested in startups/entrepreneurship.

Apply here: https://www.workmarket.com/jobs/view?id=28

http://www.myheatmap.com/ Charlotte, NC (but the internship could be done virtually) Unpaid 3-6 month internship

We need research to find data sets that show off the capability of our service.

Ideally we would like you to write blog posts on some of the interesting maps you create.

Is any startup in the US taking interns from Canada? Good schools up north (UofT, W'loo, etc.) :)

Yes. We're inPulse (YCW11) and we hire Canadians. Hell, we're 3/4 Canadian at the moment. We're in Mountain View, CA.

We're looking for embedded software devs, Android devs and web/ops people. If you want an internship in the bay area, we pay market rate plus hook you up with living expense subsidies, free flights, food, etc. Send me an email: eric AT getinpulse.com

As a Canadian (Tdot).. I know it can be relatively difficult to get a job down here in SF. I was lucky enough to go to a US school which gets me OPT for a year. Then I can issue myself a TN-1 or H1B.

For Canadians.. try to get a TN-1!

I'm a Canadian who has worked in the US a number of times as an intern. J-1 visas were easy to get for me through my University career office and employer working together.

Ah neat! Do you know if this works for undergrads? And if the employer is a startup, does that add to the complexity?

P.S. This isn't for me, but for an undergrad I mentor.

I know plenty of bay-area startups hire undergraduate interns from the University of Waterloo (where I am).

I don't see it being a problem, though it's a little costly. You should contact a company like Cultural Vistas (http://www.culturalvistas.org/) who can get you the J-1 visa.

Top Hat Moncocle (http://www.tophatmonocle.com)

Waterloo, Ontario

We pay for moving expenses for interns.

We do interactive classroom technology.

You'll get to play with Python, Django, Javascript, NodeJs.

The length of the internship is up to you, but 4 months is typical.

Paid, of course.

* Trendrr.com and Trendrr.tv

* NYC - smack in the meatpacking district

* Relocate - No

* We process lots of data from social media

* Java, Python, MongoDB, Tornado, Jquery

* Semester? Longer?

Send us a resume, github username, ect to: careers [at] trendrr [dot] com

Always cool to know too is acceptance of H1B

Company: reco jeans www.recojeans.com

Location: New York City

Relocate?: No

What we do: We make eco-friendly denim jeans for the contemporary market. Our holding company also does other projects too with different markets of denim, including a major web project coming up.

Technologies: Basic development skills (html/css) is a huge plus, but this is not a programming internship. Best fit would be aspiring marketers and possibly writers.

Length of internship: From one one month to as long as you desire.

Compensation: Unpaid, travel stipend, credit.

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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