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New CPU technology lowers voltage to the error point to save 64% on power. (arm.com)
6 points by AndrewDucker 2048 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

Is it that hard to post up a url to an actual page with information, not just to a generic page on a companies website?

That's the source page of the information, complete with link to a PDF of the paper.

What more do you want?

There are multiple pdf's on there, multiple links etc.

The point is, make it easier for people to go directly to something, and not just put up a page with a slew of links, pdf's and coverages of multiple products.

Everyone else on here manages to link to specific info, and not just say here, here is a website, a ton of info on it, and find wherever it is that's linked to now. ' .

On the right hand side of that page I get a single article, with a headline of "Razor: A Low-Power Pipeline Based on Circuit-Level Timing Speculation" and a link to a single PDF.

It sounds like that's not what you're getting.

In which case I apologise for ARM's website being shit.

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