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You can get Teaching Company DVDs from a lot of libraries. Basically the same idea but lower tech, and government subsidized.

But then, I am a big believer that a great teacher on tape is far better for the students than a good or OK teacher in person.

Government subsidized? You mean the library? Because IIRC the courses retail at a fortune (but are always on sale.)

It's not really. The most useful thing a teacher can do is give feedback. That said, one student among 300 doesn't get a lot of feedback.

How about "great lecturer or speaker" over "great teacher"? Because a 300:1 lecture by an ok lecturer is much less useful (bordering on worthless) than a recorded one by a great lecturer. And that mediocre lecture is what you will get in most schools for intro classes.

... which are often the ones with 300 students, and no useful feedback. I agree.

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