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Why Everything Is Suddenly Getting More Expensive – and Why It Won’t Stop (medium.com/m)
10 points by lcam84 on Oct 17, 2021 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Understand the beer distribution game, and you'll understand what's happening. You'll also know what happens next.


Yes, the author focuses on a possible shortage of resources as the cause of the problem, but the Forester effect certainly played a decisive role in the case of the chip shortage. Anyway, we live in a very fragile civilization, and we have to shorten the supply chains or we will have big problems in the future.

I wonder if there are any predictors of who will do better when things destabilize, for example does vertical integration provide a strong advantage? If so what is the tipping point, how much vertical integration is needed?

It's the bad political decisions like the stimulus checks and the "too big to fail" bailouts. This article makes it sound like it's tied to climate change??? Wow. I don't doubt it's happening, I'm just saying we can clearly see inflation occurring in real time for anyone that is paying attention. Dare I say, this is a desired outcome for those in power, but that is just speculation.

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