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I'm really looking forward to this book, so much so that I just preordered it (which I normally don't do for books).

Walter Isaacson is a great biographer. His Einstein and Benjamin Franklin biographies are amazing, definitely worth a read.

Since this is Isaacson's first biography of a living person, I'm really looking forward to reading the result. I guess it'll cover a lot of things we didn't know about Jobs and go even more in depth than his previous biographies have.

A lot of both positive and negative things can be said about Jobs, but no one can dispute that he is an interesting character with an astonishing record. November 21 can't come soon enough.

Isaacson's biography of Einstein changed how I think about the entire genre. Pre-ordered Jobs.

Is it really that good?

I didn't think so =/

You basically said everything I was going to say. Isaacson is a master biographer, and being able to interview his subject should (in theory) help him do an even better job (Jobs?). I'm pre-ordering it too.

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