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Um, Python's documentation is separated by release versions - so you can read a doc page that specifically targets the version you are using. That is the right way to do it; with PHP you would have to read the doc page, then also go read any deprecation warnings or caveats for the possible version you are using. What a nightmare to maintain too. Plus, I have yet to come across a Python doc page that doesn't provide usage examples!

I can't speak for Ruby or Java because I haven't even looked at their documentation sites.

User comments? PHP user comments are crap, IMHO - so many people writing so much horrible code in those comments.

I understand where a lot of PHP supporters are coming from because I was once there - I spent four years with the language and thought it was the most beautiful thing that existed. Until Python, Scheme, Erlang, and Haskell invaded my life.

PHP will always be an amateur programming language - which is it's strength, kind of like BASIC, a great stepping stone but nothing more.

So right! PHP is the Basic of web programming languages.

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