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Wasp-Lang (YC W21) Is Hiring Founding Engineer
33 days ago | hide
Hi HN,

I'm Matija, founder of Wasp-lang (https://github.com/wasp-lang/wasp). We're building a declarative language that makes it easy to build full-stack web apps while still using popular tools such as React & Node.js.

We're a currently a team of two - twin brothers and ex-Google/Palantir engineers who are looking for first engineers to join the team. After graduating from YC we raised our first round ($1.6M) from several US & EU deep tech funds and early engineers from Facebook, Twitter and Airbnb.

Wasp is currently in Alpha - over 250+ projects have been created and first apps have been deployed to production. We have plan to move to Beta in the next 6 months.

We are looking for a well rounded engineer who will form the engineering culture together with us and work on all aspects of the product - DSL compiler (in Haskell) and generated target code (currently React & Node.js).

We're based in Europe (Zagreb, Croatia) but are open to remote.

For more details about the role, take a look here: https://www.notion.so/wasp-lang/Founding-Engineer-at-Wasp-88...

If this sounds interesting, please reach out matija [at] wasp-lang [dot] com.

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