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Java SerialX API – Improved serializer and parser for DSL languages like JSON (github.com/simplyprogrammer)
1 point by SimplyProg 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

I have decided to create SerialX as java API that can load and save any object to file, output stream, char sequence and others using set of rules (protocols) each designed for a specific object! This rule can noninvasively turn objects into array and push this array into data stream using primitive data format that can be turned back into java objects later! That was an original idea! Now SerialX provides open-source and fully customizable recursive descent parser that can be used to parse any DSL languages such as JSON. The default implementation of this parser can parse some sort of improved Json known as Java universal serial script (JUSS). Even though this JUSS is designed to be as universal as possible and can scale up or down without the necessity of any big modification, you can still easily modify it to meet your own needs in the best way possible!

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