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ZeroCater seeking Foodie Paratroopers
on July 19, 2011 | hide
ZeroCater is bringing great food to the workplace.

We're looking for a few capable souls to help us expand into cities across the US. You'll be given a territory and responsibility for it across the board: from finding great restaurants and convincing them to join, to finding initial customers, to handling customer service for both. Once your territory is bootstrapped to a self sustaining critical mass, you'll be given a new one.

What we're looking for:

* You get things done. Period.

* High energy

* Friendly, approachable personality

* You care about food, and could say off-hand who makes the best burritos in your city and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

* Must be able to work in San Francisco.


* Experience in sales or hospitality

To apply, email jobs@zerocater.com with a resume and brief introduction. Please write "Foodie Paratrooper" in the subject. For extra credit, send a short (less than 5 minute) video telling us about yourself and why you're interested.

For more information about us, see http://ZeroCater.com/jobs

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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