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What are some inexpensive cloud options to run redis for large data sets up to say a gb or so?

"The Cloud" isn't always the right solution for everything. If you're looking to go inexpensive, you can put it on a 2 GB Linode VPS on a ramen budget.

The confusing thing is some people refer to VPSs as 'cloud', which sort of makes sense when you compare them to EC2. EC2 seems more 'cloudy' because... um, we don't know what kind of hardware it's running on? I don't know. I was trying to explain what 'cloud' means to my tech-savvy, but non-industry brother and was puzzled by the issue of whether Linode is a 'cloud' service or not.

I guess it sort of could be, but I'd consider a "cloud" service something where you either a) can spool up or shut down servers dynamically from an image without any additional configuration (ala EC2 or Heroku), or b) a commodity service like Amazon S3 or MongoHQ where you pay by usage and they handle resource allocation.

I see scriptability and automation through an API as important to 'cloud' classification too. Good point about the automatic resource allocation, I think that's actually the key. On Linode you're paying for a segment of a specific machine, more like a dedicated server than EC2.

Why can't we call VPS as cloud! I think the "cloudy" character does not come just because we do not know how or where is it running or what the hardware is, it comes more because I can deploy an application or store a data somewhere on the earth right from my home. A better way to put it could be - VPS are first generation cloud/kind of raw version whereas EC2, GAE, Heroku et al. are the advanced cloud systems where some things could happen automatically.

How about classic shared hosting? You can go get a server on dreamhost or something and have a PHP app up in a couple of hours. It's not very advanced, but the effect is somewhat the same...

Thanks for the suggestion. I've been working on a project that does dozens of writes per second and on my local machine I used redis. The costs of running redis for this on EC2 is prohibitive. The costs at Linode for even a 1gb vps is quite reasonable and scaling that up to larger sizes isn't that much more.

RAM is expensive in the cloud. So unless the cloud is a strict requirement it will normally be much cheaper to build out a box with 32G (or whatever fits your need) and run redis on that.

Anybody know why RAM is so expensive in the cloud? I can go to BestBuy and get a 8GB server for 600 bucks these days.

If instances require more RAM, they can cram fewer instances into a single box. That's my understanding, at least.

Yes. RAM pretty much decides over how many instances you can sell per rack-unit. Disks can be virtualized, CPU can be spread thinly - but a slice of RAM needs to be committed, no matter what.

Which Best Buy do you get commercial, rackmount servers from?

More apropos: would you really want one?

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