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Show HN: Use Hookdeck to instantly and reliably manage your webhooks (hookdeck.com)
64 points by alexbouchard 4 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Hi, I'm Alex, co-founder of Hookdeck. We help tech teams build and deploy webhook integrations quickly and seamlessly.

About a year and a half ago, I got frustrated by the lack of good tooling and support for webhooks in popular platforms. Stripe stands out as an exception, but otherwise, you are pretty much left with one good option: implement your own infrastructure to handle webhooks ingestion, queues, processing, monitoring, and alerting. Since then, Eric and I set out to talk to as many tech teams as we could, and we soon realized that you could either spend significant amounts of time (re)building the same thing (generally by stitching AWS services) and suffer from intermittent failures or ignore the problem altogether and wish for the best.

Webhooks are increasingly essential to many products and businesses (SaaS, e-commerce, CI/CD, payment processing, ...), and they are here to stay.

Hookdeck is a complete webhook infrastructure purposely built to deploy webhook integrations reliably. It makes handling and managing incoming webhooks at scale fast and straightforward. We offer throttled delivery, failure recovery (automatic, bulk, and manual retries), monitoring, and alerting without provisioning your own infrastructure or deploying new code, all in one simple tool.

Happy to get into the details! What's your take on Hookdeck?

Finally a webhook as a service done right! I've been watching Hookdeck's progress closely and I'm super impressed with what they managed to achieve especially on the CLI side recently. It's exactly what you need to setup a webhook service in development and then seamlessly transition to a full-blown production app with 1000s rps without changing anything.

I've build webhook systems myself in the past and there are so so many issues that you don't think about at first that are difficult to solve correctly like staggering retries, routing, logging is a big one! Really happy that there is now a great service for this. Nice work!

+1 Just tried Hookdeck yesterday, and it is amazing how easy they make webhook development. From local testing to production deployments with reliability, they've really thought this out. Worth a look for any developer in this space

Good luck Alex, hope you prepared your servers for the HN's hug of death :)))

Just went through their onboarding experience. It is amazing! Well done.

Nice! Congrats on the launch from your friends @ Clay

Very well done! Keep it up.


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