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How does the author equate: "Recently, Sir Ken Robinson has got a lot of attention by speaking out–inspiringly to some, outrageously to others–saying that K-12 education needs a sea change away from “boring” academics and toward collaborative methods that foster “creativity.” "

To: "Experts do not deserve any special role in declaring what is known"?

I recently attended a paid training course run by the authors of some well known toolkit. They are, without discussion, the experts on their own software.

Nobody in the course got to 'hello world' before 2PM, the instructors constantly bickered between each other what tools the students should be using, and further discussion was limited to 'check our kitchen sink app for more demo code'. Everyone on the course

This is because having knowledge of a topic, and being able to teach others, are separate skills. Both are required, however academics - people who spend their live in academia and are used to learning things for the purpose of learning, whereas most others are goal oriented - tend to lack the latter skill, despite their expertise in the former.

This is not anti intellectualism. This is about requiring teachers to have the ability to teach.

(pardon the missing fragment above)

"Everyone on the course...." later revealed they were either glad they didn't pay for it themselves or regretted that they did.

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