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Ask HN: Are you skeptical about the vaccine?
3 points by ta-pe 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments
My background is computer science, I believe in medical science and vaccines. BUT, thinking about the vaccines coming up, I'm reminded of the well known expression we use in tech: "When the product is free, you are the product."

Given this vaccine is being given out for free, what is the sentiment around someone giving you something for free while still having the best interest in mind, considering that in the US, healthcare usually costs a lot? This is a country that would likely profit from you being or remaining sick, so this move feels counterintuitive

> "When the product is free, you are the product."

This only makes sense in software because your your data is being harvested for insights that can be used for profits. It doesn't make sense at all for vaccines.

How would a country profit from making its population sick? That's trillions of dollars of lost productivity....

Your entire line of reasoning is just really fundamentally unsound.

The research around the efficacy and safety of these vaccines, performed and peer-reviewed by thousands of professionals with actually relevant training, has yet to show that there is a reason to be concerned about the vaccines. The risk to benefit ratio compared to letting the pandemic continue unabated definitely favors vaccinating the population.

Well, you could argue that if governments want you to be healthy, why not subsidize healthcare, make meds cheaper, etc. Vaccine in this case is another form of med that is given out for free, why not insulin?

Governments can also stimulate economy with stimulus payments that would be spent relatively quickly, though that decision is not straightforward, why is vaccine being free straightforward?

"You're the product" could also mean they haven't priced these properly as part of the healthcare systems, so this is effectively still a clinical trial, which is an explanation that I can be happy with now. It's free now as it's part of a clinical trial, but will cost you money once safety is proven and is established.

Just hard to assume good intent in a world where generally everything costs money.

> Well, you could argue that if governments want you to be healthy, why not subsidize healthcare, make meds cheaper, etc. Vaccine in this case is another form of med that is given out for free, why not insulin?

Most of the developed world does just this.

Not sure about that reasoning, but skepticism may be warranted anyway:


I'm not skeptical but grateful for the vaccines.

The vaccines are paid for by health insurances and the government. Even if you don't trust these institutions, keep in mind that it's in their best economic interest to protect you from this disease (vaccines are cheaper than ICU patients), curb its spread, and allow businesses to reopen (which increases tax revenue).

The US has the most effective vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna). Every other country in the West wants them (but unfortunately there isn't enough supply). There is absolutely no reason to fear a conspiracy. The real threat is that not enough people will be vaccinated soon enough, causing more health and economic devastation. You can do your part by getting your shot and encouraging others to get theirs.

I'm not skeptical. I know it is a killer. I'm AA and AI and historically we have endured poisoned blankets and forced neutering. The only way anyone gets this stuff in me is if I'm unconscious/restrained.

"Know it is a killer". That is very strong statement that needs to be backed up.

Do you think that whites today have the same attitudes toward African Americans and American Indians (I assume that is what AA and AI stand for) as they did during the time of "poisoned blankets and forced neutering"?

Being overly suspicious of another race is a form of bias that can harm the person who has it, in this case by refusing a protective vaccine.


Watch the movie...or maybe just take a look at the website.

I am taking a wait and see approach. So much of the political response to this was, to me, an over reaction. So at the moment I have low trust in these vaccines.

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