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Ask HN: Hotel/resorts/chains specialized in WFH?
5 points by mancerayder 5 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
It's been one year and we're going crazy. But I sit in front of PC all day long, and so I have a standing desk at home (and in the office, normally). I'd love to work from a hotel, ideally in the Caribbean or Central America, but the hotels all have teeny tiny desks, if they have desks at all, and classic wooden chairs not made for an 8-9 hour sit.

Are there any ergonomic or at least friendly-to-WFH hotels out there that anyone knows about?

As usual it's impossible to Google without Google sending me to unrelated sponsored results.

“Hotel” is where you’re going wrong.

Airbnb style accommodation works nicely for setting up shop in the Caribbean for the winter, and working means you can afford to grab an entire apartment that’s set up however you like.

“Hotel” also doesn’t really describe the places you stay when dirtbagging across Southeast Asia or similar. You can negotiate a long stay rate for a beach bungalow that either has a comfy table on the balcony or a chill shady bar with power and WiFi and a pleasant vibe during the day.

I used to travel most of the year every year, and very seldom resorted to staying in places that resemble western business hotels (or, heaven forbid, a “Resort”.)

My six years of digital nomading experience says no. Hotels are set up for sleeping and showering, not for working. Some have nice business centers. I can’t recall any with standing desks or ergonomic chairs. In less developed countries where hotels/resorts cater to tourists (rather than business travelers) you can expect even less. Feel lucky if the wifi works.

Working while traveling is fun but you can’t expect to take your fancy work setup with you. I got used to sitting at cafes and bars and crappy hotel room desks with my laptop.

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