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Yes, that's Oracle Forms, one of the older versions. 6, I think.

Currently rewriting a bunch of stuff in Oracle Forms 6i to .NET 5, definitely looks like Oracle Forms 6

It certainly looks like Oracle Forms 6 (not sure if earlier versions looked similar, though.)

I can confirm it is OF. However versions 7 through 10(maybe 6 as well) all look like that so I can't say which one it is. I used to work in a company using OF for the UI and I can say that while it is horrific to look at, it had its strengths. However it was appropriate 20 years ago when monitors had standard aspect ratio and resolutions. Nowadays with scaling and all kinds of aspect ratio it just doesn't work. Also Java... Ironically for one client our software was interfacing with Flexcube.

However the OF technology is still supported by Oracle and while they themselves are trying to kill it, nobody is willing to migrate their core systems to something new.

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