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What I don't get about this trend (I must be missing something) about software hiding every toolbar (and sometimes useful ones) to get more "vertical space" like "vertical space" was a very valuable asset, while the computer industry is forcing everyone to screens with less vertical resolution...

Moreover, since most websites are fixed-width and that computers are moving to 16/9, I don't get why browsers (I know, not Opera) make it very hard to make vertical toolbars (like shortcuts and bookmarks, for example) on the sides...

Vertical space is valuable now because there is less room to work with. As hardware manufacturers push shorter screens, software will work harder to reclaim that height.

Well, if this is that much valuable, the hardware manufacturers wouldn't push shorter screens... And the Windows taskbar wouldn't take that much space! :D

I really must be missing something on what people want and do with their computers...

Manufacturers make them shorter because they are sold on the size of the diagonal. A 4:3 screen with a 24" diagonal is 14.4"x19.2" = 276.5 square inches. A 16:9 screen with the same diagonal is only 11.7"x20.8" = 243.4 square inches. Even if the retail price changes proportionately to the area, manufacturers come out ahead because each manufacturing defect only affects a 240 sq. in. product instead of a 280 sq. in. product. Smaller screens mean less waste, which means cheaper (more popular) product and higher margins.

Consider tablets and desktops versus notebooks and smartphones. Biggest impact is on notebooks whose vertical real estate is at a premium. Second are smartphone because of their form factor. As far as tablets and desktops: You can rotate your tablet and you can use a big monitor (or rotate that too if supported).

Chrome does have a side tabs option, and I'm sure maximizing horizontal space will become important going forward.



Sorry but I can't find it on Chrome OS X (v. 11.0.696.68). Which channel are you using ?

Ah, you might need the dev channel, I'm on 13.0.767.1.

Switching right now. Thank you.

Not for linux though

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