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How about throwing the code[1] up on github?

[1] The XPI is a slim greasmonkey-compiled script which just loads http://hnpoints.com/hnpoints.js into the page

I'm planning on doing that, but wanted to fix up any bugs that crop up first. In the meantime, as you noted, the un-obfuscated JS file is up on the server for all to see. It's used in the bookmarklet and Firefox plugin directly, and the Chrome, Opera, and Safari extensions use the same file bundled up with minor or no changes.

By the way, I don't think you'll get past the mozilla review process with this extension structure. When I wrote one for my job, I seem to remember them being nervous about loading and executing JS from 3rd parties (the thinking being: if you're hacked, suddenly everyone who installed your extension is also hacked, especially as the JS is executed with raised privs.) Not that you're at that stage yet, but I just thought I'd give you a heads-up :)

Nice idea, well executed.

PS: You aren't using the extension yourself? edit: ah you are now :)

Thanks for the tip! Given how technically savvy most of HN is, I was thinking the XPI download would be sufficient at least for now, but when I do go to submit it to the addons repository, I will be sure to put the actual JS in there.

I am indeed using the Chrome extension, but it only updates comment scores every 10 minutes while on HN as not to slow down the HN reading experience. :)

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