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Ask HN: interesting events/conferences in Sillicon Valley during June?
4 points by hasenj 2378 days ago | hide | past | web | 1 comment | favorite
I'll be visiting Mountain View (family visit) in about a week or so, and I'm interested in finding out about interesting events or conferences (programming-related) that might be worth attending.

Is there a site for listing such things?

Also, can I visit, say, Google?

The Computer History Museum ( http://www.computerhistory.org/ ) is a great stop if you can't find any timely events. (it across from one of the Google buildings... though I think for Google you probably have to call and see if you can get an appointment to visit Theres also a couple others in San Jose, the Intel Museum and the Tech Museum of Innovation.

Heres a link for you... http://www.ageekstour.com/prologue.html

Oh and make sure to check out some bookstores, the computers and programming sections of stores in the area are usually quite... satisfying. :-)

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