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that's just a marketing site talking about a marketing term probably invented by a marketing guy, I'm okay if this gets as widespread as apple devices (and btw I really love my macbook pro) but I find it totally useless for the people working day by day with terminals, time will have the last word

Even if it is - and reading the article, it's Dave Winer, who I doubt would think of himself as a marketer - then that doesn't make it wrong!

Marketing is a legit discipline with a bunch of charlatanry around it. So is programming. So is basically every field of human endeavour.

Think of this as empowering people who will not use vi or emacs, but prefer Eclipse or Visual Studio, to have a visually appealing arsenal of tools which can be chained in a pipelined fashion.

What is wrong with that? Yahoo pipes for example provided pointy clickety interface to mashing up data. Lot of people used it to do useful work.

It really does not matter if a even single sysadmin who already uses the shell does not start using this. It just needs to have its OWN users that is all. If you just consider ALL Eclipse users + ALL Visual Studio users, that is a HUGE user base... Now the vi/emacs user may feel superior to the others...

but in reality anyone in this world can have their own reasons to create products and use various tools. All the best to the author of this tool for taking the pain to code this...

If it works out and gains users... awesome... else it shows we still find Old tools useful. We have not stopped using Fire or Wheels today though they very OLD technologies. Whether the shell is as important as fire or wheels OR transitionary like Hydrogen blimps or something in between only time will tell...

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