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Are You Productive In the Morning Or Creative at Night? (timberry.com)
16 points by skmurphy on July 19, 2008 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

I think most coders are more productive at night because there are fewer distractions, when they're not expected.

At night, I typically go into the "zone" where I'll allocate most of my attention span to my code base and to the syntax of a particular language and to the higher-level problem at hand, and my productivity is pretty high. But during the day, I usually can't get into that state, so I bounce back and forth between talking to people, answering questions, meetings, and coding.

I think most coders are more productive at night because there are fewer distractions, when they're not expected.

You can say the same of very early morning. With the added bonus that then your brain is refreshed and works faster.

Sure. I think most people merge the very late night with the very early morning.

Ie my most productive coding sprees are from about midnight through 10am. And then I hit a brick wall ;)

as long as its dark thats all that matters, because you don't get distracted by cars, animals, planes etc that you see out the window

I am most creative when I sleep. I wake up with ideas. But I'm not productive in the morning. If I can get to the office before it gets too busy or distracting, I find I can jell a lot of ideas in the morning.

I am productive late at night, when I can go into the coding zone with little interruption. But that late night time is generally not creative for me.

I notice that when I get enough sleep I will sometimes spend the last dream of the morning solving (or at least advancing on a solution) to a problem I have been wrestling with. My dead time is after lunch until early evening, I try and schedule phone calls and interaction with other people to renew my energy.

I'm most productive in the early morning. I think the key to creativity is that leisure is an important part of it. The best ideas come during downtime of one form or another - hence we hear of people having ideas in the shower, or when they sleep, or walking around (my personal favorite). We generally have more leisure at night.

This is a false dichotomy; thought patterns are more nuanced.

In this case productive for me means "focused on closure" or "getting things done" and creative means "generating possibilities, exploring new approaches." Obviously inspiration can strike at any time, and you have to find ways to get things done and even when you are not inspired.

I found recently that I am most productive before eating anything in the morning. That was a study tip from one of my teachers, I should have paid attention.

It's exactly the opposite for me. If I don't eat a good breakfast I'm likely to get nothing done.

I think i am most productive at night, I am awake almost all night and sleep in the morning and wake up at noon. The reason, nights are productive is because 99.9% of the people are sleeping, no phone calls to disturb, no online friends pinging you and many more reasons.

I find it's easiest for me to focus in the morning, from around 8AM to 1PM and in the evening, from around 6PM to 10PM.

I don't know about "productive" versus "creative," though.

I don't know about "productive" versus "creative," though.

Me either - creativity and productivity aren't mutually exclusive in my business so I would struggle figuring out when I was better at one or the other.

I think people are creative at night because the body becomes tired and has less energy to interfere with inspiration.

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