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Deno 1.5 (deno.land)
81 points by lucacasonato 7 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

I accidentally deployed my personal site on deno 1.3 when testing it on Architect Serverless (I use TypeScript in the front end and wanted to have a go at using TS on the backend via Architect's deno support - https://arc.codes/reference/arc-config/runtime, then forgot to change the runtime back to node before deploying).

Deno works really well. There's not much to think about if you know node.

This new release has top level await too:

> Top level await support: you can now just await promises in the REPL without having to wrap your call in an async IIFE.


See the 'forgot' bit above.

I wish this gained adoption faster but unlikely that it'll surpass Node.js anytime soon...

This looks amazing. First time hearing about it, can't believe this hasn't gotten more tracktion.

I guess the biggest complaint after it was released was the lack of a packet manager. Not sure if that situation changed. However there was quite some buzz around it, here as well.

I think not having a package manager was pretty intentional and unlikely to change. I personally like the new import from url functionality, especially when combined with the ability to alias some of those away.

Sooo after a quick look through their packages it turns out there is one: https://deno.land/x/trex@v1.3.1

Though I gotta agree that not having to have one is pretty sweet. Just wondering how that would scale and age.

Ryan Dahl has talked about how he regrets making npm the default package manager for Node. I think its smart to have some explicit separation between framework and package manager.

That's a 3rd party package

Something about downloading dependencies at runtime, rather than build time, seems less safe, but in either case, you still have to download them, so maybe not.

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