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It would be cool if we could mash all of our locations together to see when we were near each other and didn't know it. Perhaps I passed 10 redditors on the road on the way to work this morning? Perhaps there were 6 HN'ers at the Alabama Spring Football Game this weekend?

(Hey, the data is recorded. Could do something semi-cool with it.)

There is a company that kinda does this already - say you are going be in SF next week. And your friends also marked on their calendars they are visiting SF - you can actually see them on a "future radar" so you schedule a meetup with them. Kinda cool?

The company is Coloci http://www.coloci.com/

coloci helps friends share their future and current trips, activities, travel plans and meetup face to face when they are in the same location or vicinity

Sounds cool. And we'll be vacationing in SF not next week, but in three weeks!

Yes, or tripit.com of course.

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