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Oracle to move OpenOffice.org to a Community-Based Project (marketwire.com)
41 points by nikosdimopoulos on Apr 15, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

I've been using LibreOffice, a fork which is maintained by The Document Foundation, for months. I took a look at their blog and there's been plenty of activity recently, including getting accepted to Google Summer of Code.


We already have a community-based project to lead the effort.

Yes, my thought exactly. It would be very nice if Oracle would just turn over the trademark to The Document Foundation, and be done with it. Problem solved, and everybody is happy.

I think they already blew this one.

They refused to work with "The Open Document Foundation" and made the key leaders step down from their community board so where exactly does this leave them?

Most distros have already moved or are moving to Libre Office.

Is the name recognition of OpenOffice.org all that's left?

A similar thing has happened to Hudson/Jenkins.

Yes, and in that situation the majority of my peers have decided to side with Jenkins and seem to have a strong emotional reaction to the Hudson lead, Oracle and Sonatype.

If Oracle was serious about this they would have reached out to Red Hat, Google, and the rest about repairing the LibreOffice fork.

Or just assign copyright on OpenOffice.org to the Open Document Foundation. This announcement smacks to me of "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" but I'm not entirely sure why they would want to put resources into any of those things.

Just read between the lines. This is not about giving OpenOffice.org to the community, but more about stopping in-house development on the project.

I guess they finally noticed that LibreOffice is quickly overtaking OpenOffice.org and that OpenOffice.org won't get them any money. Of course it does not make any difference if Oracle gives this project to the community: The _only_ interesting thing about OpenOffice.org is the trademark, for everything else there's LibreOffice.

The damage is already done. Most of the major distros are switching to LibreOffice in their next versions. I've been advising those with OS X or Windows to follow suit.

It looks like they're trying to co-opt the effort in order to slow it down. A lot of people have already switched from OOo to LibreOffice.

Let me get this straight. The community bails based on Oracle's reputation and Oracle makes a business move to withdraw from the failing project as a result... And somehow Oracle are the dicks? Right. You don't have to like Oracle, but this one ain't that cut and dry.

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