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How does the Twitter iPhone app implement side swiping on a table? (idevrecipes.com)
14 points by boctor on April 14, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

argh, this isn't quite how the menu is implemented in tweetie. the tweet menu starts out underneath the tweet itself and the swipe causes the tweet to slide over the menu and out of the way.

The way they explain it, the tweet menu also slides in/out from offscreen with the tweet itself.

The difference is not really significant, but the effect is a bit different. I'm guessing the menu view just lives underneath of the tweet view in the table cell from the beginning, but i'm not completely sure.

tweetie's tweet menu also has a neat animation effect by having each menu button "pop" a little (zoom in and out quickly) as it is revealed when the tweet is sliding out of the way. subtle, but neat. then the tweet view "bounces" as it hits the left side wall as it slides back in.

not bashing the article, it is very informative; but the implementation in tweetie was very well thought out and is a bit more complicated than it lets on.

there is, however, a bug in tweetie with these menus. if you slide a tweet out and then slide it back in by touching somewhere else, you cannot slide the tweet out again until you somehow reload the view (e.g. by tapping on a tweet to view details then popping back out to the timeline).

Chad, thanks for the feedback.

I was already planning to do the popping of each menu button in a follow up post.

You're right about the menu appearing underneath the tweet. Luckily doing it that way is just as easy as having them animate together. I'll look at modifying the code to handle both animation styles.

The bounce is already implemented in the current code.

I agree with you that Tweetie's implementation is well thought out. The goal is to have a 100% faithful recreation that is indistinguishable from the original

ah yes, i see the bounce code now. i was half way through reading the source when you replied :) good on ya.

i was searching for a resource that explained exactly this swipe menu technique for an app i just submitted, so i'm glad there finally is one for others to use as well.

again, great post. looking forward to the follow ups! i really dig your blog, btw. very helpful and clear. i just happened to have spent a lot of time with tweetie and its nuances since i modeled a bunch of UI effects it has into the Notifo app.

Chad, the code now puts the menu behind the cell and only animates the cell in and out while leaving the menu at x offset 0. Thanks for pointing this out!

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