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I've never had a problem swapping SIM cards on ATT. Not sure if it's "supported", but I've done it in the past. The only phone where I've run in to restrictions was the iPhone. They ask you for the IMEI because they show "your device" in the ATT portal. I don't think it's used to restrict your access.

Not trying to make an argument out of it or anything :) but I figured since you're a T-Mobile customer, you're already in for a rough ride :( Thought I'd try to offer some consolation as we welcome you to the support group... I mean, network. Yeah, network.

First, thanks for the discussion. Always appreciated.

What type of restriction did you encounter with the iPhone. Let's say I buy an unlocked iPhone (from France for example), and then, add the AT&T simcard, would it work?


My ATT iPhone would only work with an "iPhone" SIM, not another ATT SIM. This was a first gen iPhone though. I don't know if this has changed with more recent iPhones.


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