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Reverse autocomplete: a small tweak on the familiar feature (lkozma.net)
46 points by lkozma on July 9, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

A similar technique is covered in this book, under "Wildcard Queries."


(see page 38 in the pdf for chapter 3)

Would be even better if it was more fuzzy.

I agree, but I wanted to try out just one idea, it can still be combined with all the existing stuff.

Yes. And your idea is neat indeed.

For some silly reason it didn't work for me(FF 3.0rc2), but is it similar to the auto complete in the new firefox address bar? I've found the new address bar to be a huge improvement over the old style of autocomplete.

cool demo. i guess i haven't really noticed this problem since it usually seems faster to clear the search box and re-type your query.

Same. I tend to erase and retype, or ctrl-left back a few words, select, very quickly overwrite.

Not a big deal, but a cool idea. I'll be sure to implement this next time I program auto complete.

That's a great step toward a better user experience. Good job.

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