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Ask HN: How's the Denver, Coloraldo tech startup scene?
11 points by wafflez180 7 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments
I recently graduated and my employer is allowing us to work remotely. I want to meet other techies and hopefully meet a potential co-founder. I was considering San Francisco, but since there's a pandemic, SF is less attractive and the housing costs don't seem worth it. I'm considering Denver now cause I can save a lot more and get a decent apartment, but I'm unsure what to expect with startup scene.

Look into Boulder, Colorado. That is where the startup scene is in Colorado.

I'm looking into it and it does look pretty good. However, it seems like the housing costs are less in Denver and have newer residential buildings. Which neighborhoods in Boulder would you suggest living in?

If you like the SF / West coast progressive vibes, Boulder will be better. Denver is bigger with more diversity and things to do. It's super easy to meet people because many are new and looking for friends. Definitely much cheaper than Boulder. Housing / rent should be going down, lots of new buildings going up.

I'm leaving CO because the air quality is so bad out here, especially in Denver. Sixth worst last time I looked.

Denver has a vibrant tech scene like Boulder and you will find they only ask for normal work hours. Work life balance is a big part of the Denver culture. People love the outdoors activities, sporting events, and drinking. This is a heavy drinking / drugging town (another reason to leave)

If Denver sounds like your preference, I can tell you more about the neighborhoods and put you in touch with an amazing apartment search company. Literally the best experience I had looking for a new flat, they did everything, scheduling viewings, Uber you around, buy lunch.

Salaries are also good, and I saw a report which put Denver at #2 behind Austin for how far paychecks go.

Austin is another great consideration. They don't have state income tax either.

I appreciate the offer, thanks for the great response :)

I actually ended up choosing Seattle, it seems like more my vibes (being less laid back for one), I already got a college buddy there, the housing prices are similar, and it's more walkable (don't need a car!).

I'll be reevaluating after a year and maybe hop down to Denver (Seems like it would be great place to combat the 'Seattle freeze' if that's really a thing)

Denver also has a really great scene with more companies / jobs just b/c population differences. Tech != Startup

Boulder and Denver are close enough that you can really benefit from both. There aren't as many startups there as SF, but the people seem to be more interested in building relationships than just pushing their own app.

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