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Show HN: Android OCR-Keyboard (github.com)
21 points by fabio-4 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Hello, I built this keyboard a while ago (2018), but I was sadly never able to release it. Since I had spent way too much time on this idea and I'm trying to get hired, I finally decided to atleast put it onto Github. (Usually not doing any Android development)

(Anyone hiring for ml/mobile dev?)

I hope you the best.

Be sure to check out HNs monthly "who is hiring" and "who wants to be hired". Get accustomed to the style and post early on the next one.

Thanks, I'll definitely look into those tomorrow.

Interesting, so this is a keyboard with a camera that can translate the camera image to text using OCR?

You might want to add a few sentences in the README explaining exactly what this project is, the images aren't that intuitive.

Looks great though, should definitely help you get hired!

Thanks, yes it's exactly just that. I thought that this was missing in all those keyboards filled with features (voice recognition, translation etc).

(I have to agree that the screenshots were bad. Press the globe-button to switch into my keyboard -> get a camera-view instead of keyboard-buttons -> take a picture and tap onto a part of the text to get the input.)

That's a supercool idea! good luck with the job hunting!

Really cool idea. What sort of accuracy did you achieve?

I was using the "Google Mobile Vision - Text Recognition API" back then, which I think is part of their "ML Kit" now (both on-device). The accuracy with that framework was great for full sentences/ blocks of text, probably even better with the newer version now?

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