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ardme 3 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Nice work! Curious if AWS's Comprehend would help you extract organization names from the text: https://aws.amazon.com/comprehend/features/

Oh this very nice, thanks for the heads up on this!

Former trader here. This is cool, but also a tremendous amount of work for something that the average prop shop arcade jockey can do without any specialized system. I quit the hedge fund space about 3 years ago but I still have hundreds of tickers memorized, and order management systems (especially the in-house prop ones) are designed for this exact use case: quick tactical trading, whether it’s headline/event driven or run of the mill options market making.

Man this looks fun! I’m years behind you on this project but I’ve had similar ideas. Very informative post, I learned a lot. Inspiring...

This is brilliant and terrifying

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