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Show HN: Rewurk – A tool to help build websites that look great on any device (rewurk.app)
10 points by rewurk 15 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

I don't know why, sometimes useful and good things just don't get upvotes :/

happens to the best of us.. I've released some useful tools that have literally gotten maybe 2 upvotes and didn't even make it to Show HN. Sucks, but.. no time to dwell.. just gotta keep working on the product and promoting it in other areas or start something else.

Thank you for the kind words! Hope you enjoy using it :)

I did not yet, but I'm going to use it soon :)

Edit: My only thought is, there is already build in safari dev feature like yours so you should consider offer other things as well.

No worries, happy to hear any feedback!

Yea Safari and Chrome responsive design modes are great. This just allows you to have many device sizes open at once without needing to open multiple browser windows.

It’s great for people doing QA on your website as well, saves a bunch of time not having to switch back and forth between browser sizes.

This is amazing! Definitely will be useful for work ;)

Thank you, this is great to hear. Hope you enjoy using it :)

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