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Show HN: Send files from one computer/server to another hilariously easily (github.com)
5 points by whatl3y 17 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

It is great that you are practicing and actully got something running.

If you want to look for inspiration from an established tool, check out wormhole. Their UX is extremely simple.


Wow this is excellent, it looks like we were inspired by the same problem and had very similar solutions. I should've known a tool like this existed somewhere, I just didn't look hard enough :). Either way I'm pretty happy with the output of node-txr even if I could've used wormhole without needing to build it.

If you do not need the features of this program, then you could just use "tar | nc" for sending and "nc | tar" for receiving, I suppose.

Is this end-to-end encrypted or can the server read all transferred data?

As of today the server could read all data, but I believe wouldn't be a huge lift to implement E2E encryption with SSH or PGP keys (or something similar).

Yeah PGP might be an option, perhaps it can be used via stdin/stdout pipes to make it an optional dependency.

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