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How can open source survive in a post-PC World? (h-online.com)
14 points by sasvari on Mar 21, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

This article forgets: A lot of (most?) open source software is aimed at servers. Those certainly aren't in danger of a 'post-PC' world, one could argue the server side will become even more important. So open source will certainly 'survive'.

Yeah, but the point is freedom right? And I don't see much freedom behind Big Co's servers.

There is still hope however with the FreedomBox: it's a server, which means free software by default, and it's personal, which means it is more likely to free the user.

“So what about Android, which at least has open source underpinnings?”

I think calling them ‘underpinnings’ is a dramatic understatement here.

Android is licensed as open source but it's developed behind closed doors - just like any other closed source software. So, I think Glyn's description is fairly accurate, no?

I think he means you can't download code then compile it yourself on a phone handset. Tho' having said that, there's probably no actual technical reason you couldn't have gcc/make/whatever on Android.

How can humans survive in a post-food world?

This is just unsensical.

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