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Would love to know more. This is fascinating.

The dat website is at dat://aaca379867bff648f454337f36a65c8239f2437538f2a4e0b4b5eb389ea0caff

You can visit with the beaker browser, or share it through dat so it won't ever go down.

You can also visit it at http://www.nanosavseq.com/ (DNS is not up yet, is direct)

It's embarrassingly barren right now, mainly since I've encountered some big problems with getting my DNA quantifier out of storage to start doing a lot more experiments. I'm getting that on Tuesday, so will be updating site then.

The book / documentation is very clean and presented in a fantastic way. May I ask what engine you are using for presenting this book?

mdbook! By the folks making the Rust docs. I love their formatting.

Would you like to work together on this? This is very interesting stuff.

Would love to. Feel free to email me at koeng101<at>gmail.

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