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Ex-Grubhub exec calls delivery apps “payday lenders for restaurants and drivers” (themargins.substack.com)
50 points by Kroeler 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

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The tech crowd has been asking the same questions about the stability of these companies for a long time now. We know that it's being propped up by VC money and unsustainable.

Yes though I think the public has not caught on yet. These apps have become far more popular during the pandemic quarantine and people don't realize it's going to put a lot of their favorite food joints out of business.

The quarantine is a bad example though as these apps represent the only access to these restaurants during this time.

I think there's an app called phone app or something.

You are somehow assuming that your typical restaurant has delivery services and takes orders over the phone.

I often have to pause and think "am I agreeing with this because it's correct or because it flatters my own prejudices?". This comment fails that test by a wide margin.

This was an eye opening post for me and I hope it gets more visibility.

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