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> the absolute inability to override the order of items in the sharing panel[1]

that's funny because on iOS you seemingly can override the order, but the behavior of that between different apps (and/or content types?) is so undeterministic that people just give up.

I swear there's some AI going on here. I've noticed that suggestions in my share panel differ depending on content, location, and other things.

Or maybe it's just really undeterministic. :)

Any sufficiently unadvanced AI is indistinguishable from a random number generator.

...that uses a seed randomly pulled from a list of four seeds based on something that doesn’t have an even distribution.

We really should use a clever term like AAI,

artificial ... artificial intelligence.

(not to be confused with humans)

If you're thinking of the inconsistency of the suggested contacts, it is based on content, source app, etc. For pictures, there's even analysis of picture contents. All on device. Unfortunately, there's no way to remove someone from being suggested, except to delete your message thread with them.

> Or maybe it's just really undeterministic. :)

Never attribute to AI that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

There is

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