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With provisos it seems right, they have remote support by default, no: https://winaero.com/blog/disable-remote-assistance-windows-1....

That article is talking about Remote Assistance, which lets you explicitly grant temporary permission to someone you trust (not just a Microsoft engineer, but anyone you choose) - and you can see what they are doing because you're sharing your screen.

The GP comment seemed to imply that Microsoft engineers could log in remotely without your knowledge or consent.

>"By default, windows 10 lets Microsoft engineers remotely log into your box and browse your filesystem."

This is correct, they AFAIK need a password/acceptance from the user, that's the proviso, but the original comment didn't say "without anyone knowing" (and as it's closed source none of us knows for sure). Their quoted claim is true it's just of very limited value.

This whole thread is going nowhere.

The first question should've been "yes, but can they do it without a password or user-acceptance". The answer is "we don't know" AFAIAA.

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