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Ask HN: What are some hard-tech blogs that you follow?
126 points by sarthakjshetty on May 16, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments
Hey HN! I wanted to know what are some of the hard-tech (loosely defined ranging from climate tech, space exploration, autonomous systems, biotech, nuclear to name a few) blogs that you follow?

My understanding is that hard tech companies usually face a different gamut of obstacles while building their tech and scaling their business, namely, unproven technology, iteration rate, endless research, uncertain milestones, regulation etc.

Please post away!

PS: Reposting this because there were no comments last time but got some upvotes, indicating interest.

Thanks for sending this! This is a great collection.


I'm never going to install, or even program, a Mainframe. But the technical details are very interesting.

I don't subscribe, but I tend to binge read:

https://blog.scottlowe.org/ (anything and everything network related)

https://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/ (anything 'pharma' but especially "Things I won't work with..")

I wonder if they're related ...

edit: fiddle with formatting / spelling

IEEE Spectrum is the closest thing that comes to mind ... but the literature on hard tech is indeed scant.


The Internet Protocol Journal

Real World Tech (David Kanter)

Browsing for a few minutes, I can already see plenty of HPC and computing articles. Thank you!

good question - great links.



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