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Just a warning, if it's a new paypal account and there are a bunch of donations, PayPal will lock the account and keep the money for themselves until he runs their gauntlet.

Actually, they'll sometimes do that on accounts that are a decade old, but new accounts especially.

Maybe use WePay instead with a target amount?

WePay doesn't work except in the US, which will do nought to get him money from outside the US, where he no doubt has fans to.

Besides if PayPal is that stupid, we can always post to reddit that PayPal is stealing the guys money. Should cause enough of a problem that they open it again.

> Should cause enough of a problem that they open it again.

Do you have any examples of negative publicity leading to paypal correcting their mistake? I've never seen anything like that in any of the stories about paypal freezing accounts, even the fairly high profile ones.

A few days ago they reinstated the account of Courage to Resist, a Bradley Manning defense fund. The organization seems to think it was because of the pressure from bad publicity: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-20036476-38.html

I'll keep donating to the Hang Bradley Manning as a Traitor fund.

Thanks tho!

I do believe they fixed the issue with regards to minecraft.

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