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Mercury | React+Typescript, Haskell Engineer, Support, BD | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | ONSITE or REMOTE (US)

Mercury (mercury.com) is building banking products for startups. We are currently ~30 people and have raised $26m from top tier investors (A16Z, CRV, and more).

We launched less than a year ago (April 2019) and have 5k+ happy customers.

This is my 4th company. My previous company, Heyzap, was YC09, was funded by USV and was acquired for $45m.

Backend: Haskell; Frontend: React/Redux/Typescript/iOS/Android; Infra: NixOS, AWS

We like generalist engineers and happy to hire smart people that are willing to learn. We are open to remote engineers based in the US.

My email in profile or email jobs AT mercury DOT com.

Also hiring for BD, Customer Support, and other ops roles in San Francisco.

Please reach out even if you don't see an exact fit on our jobs page (https://mercury.com/jobs).

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