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> @afontain has impressive results to show regarding Anbox: the Android compatibility layer, that was never tested much outside of Ubuntu, is for the first time running on postmarketOS / Alpine Linux!

It's great to see this. With Anbox, Linux phones will gain access to a large selection of Android apps, which would make it easier for people to make the switch from Android/iOS.

Just a rant - I know why we need it, but I wish mobile OSes like Sailfish OS or postmarketOS didn't require crap like "Android compatibility layers", especially when we are turning to them to get away from Android in the first place!

If it makes you feel better: this will always be optional, and we strongly advise against using Android apps on postmarketOS unless there is no alternative for one's use case.

With that being said, I find this an incredible technical achievement by Antoine Fontaine. I've tried to run it on postmarketOS myself, and ran into all kinds of problems with LXC and what not (since Ubuntu used another version than Alpine, at least at that point in time). All I got was this loading screen: https://postmarketos.org/static/img/2018-06/anbox-starting.j...

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