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Shameless plug for my new open source trivia PWA Just Trivia[0]

It has no ads, tracking, social integrations or monetization of any kind. It can never go out of business, it already is out of business! It's an MVP, I just stood it up two days ago.

The whole app bundle is around 700k before splitting. Each 10 question uses about 7kb of additional data. No CSS frameworks, minimal 3rd party deps. Uses the awesome illustrations from undraw.co

I'm working on an offline mode, with the db cached and the service worker acting as back end.

Sorry that got long. I'm going to do a show HN soon. But check it out if you want a simple trivia game on phone or tablet. It's a passion project, in case you can't tell.

[0] https://justtrivia.fun

Repos: Front github.com/jeremy21212121/trivia-frontend Back github.com/jeremy21212121/express-trivia-server

I tried it. Its clean. One thing, after completing one category, computers, I tried clicking on others and nothing happend. Even after refreshing page. This was on firefox

Thanks for trying it! Strange, I can't replicate that.

After a game, it should return you to categories with your category/categories still selected. Pressing next should start a game of the same category.

I'll dig into the server logs and see if I can figure it out. If you feel like it you can open a github issue.

Nice that you put together a great MVP and get-things-done

Anyone here interesting in doing a decent front-end to a simple card game e.g. UNO or war or whatever? I will do the backend APIs. I can spare a few $xxx. Hit me up on yoyifo5059@mailboxt.net

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