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I'm a self-diagnosed completionist and I hate the infinite scroll so much that I developed a mental habit that helps me work around it. When I visit a site with infinite scroll (e.g. YouTube or new Reddit) I immediately scroll down until the first loading spinner (e.g. by pressing the End key). At this point I stop and go back up processing the items in reverse order. This might sound silly, but it gives me a sense of completion and a natural exit point once I get back to the beginning.

The worst kind of infinite scroll is twitter, where the browser native text search doesn't work outside of the current viewport.

what the fuck is up with that. it's such a hostile design choice.

I've been working on a Chrome extension called Hide Feed that automatically hides the feed. It's not quite yet ready for prime time, but it should help remove the need for that habit because you can just hide the feed whenever you don't want to look at it anymore.


I've been looking for something like this ! Definitely interested (will you open source it?)

I'm doing this manually using Stylus for facebook and twitter. It's unbelievable how healthier it made my consumption of these sites. I couldn't find stylus for mobile firefox though...

Looks nice! Trying it out on Firefox, any chance it could get support for old.reddit.com as well?

On Facebook, create a "list" of all of you're friends, bookmark the list, and use that bookmark as your portal.

The list will show you posts and shares from those people (in actual chronological order), and nothing else.

You're done scrolling when you see something you recognize from a previous visit. Congratulations! You've reached the end of Facebook. Visit again another day.

I just don't scroll down and accept that what I can see on my screen is all that is worth looking at.

yep. same strategy. if it doesn't show up in one or two screens worth of contents then i am probably going to miss it.

the thing that bugs me now are those mini video players that follow you on every page...

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