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LeechBlock NG (the browser extension) has a "delay" mode of blocking. Make sure you enable "count only active tab" or it will waste much RAM and CPU.

With full blocking I used to cheat by disabling the block, and then "forgot" to enable it again.

With delay-based blocking I'm also cheating: instead of waiting for the delay I get up and do some minor chore. I used to feel smug about how clever I was, sabotaging my own block. Until I realized what a positive change this was.

PS: I've waited 40s to submit this comment. You'll need another plugin to recover the text if you submit and then hit the delay page. Or submit before the timer runs out.

It doesn't work on reddit.com though. It keeps reloading the page and the delay page gets triggered in a loop.

Please tell me how you configured LeechBlock NG. I tried the delaying mode, but only works for the first visit of a domain? Once I've waited those seconds for the page to load I can mindlessly wander around for hours if I don't close the tab.

You could try DelayWebpage, it seems to fit you better. It's open source so any feedback is appreciated

Link to the extension which in turn links to the git repo: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/delaywebpage/

I think that is the point. It doesn't block the website entirely lest you go and disable the extension. It's designed to frustrate you slightly.

I see. Not very functional for those who have tabs for these sites permanently open.

Right, I always open news front pages from a bookmark for some reason, and stories as background tabs. Each tab has its own delay-block when activated, and at some point I usually close unread tabs instead of waiting for them.

But the block repeats every few hours, and I'm pretty sure that clicking on a link within the same tab repeats the block then (maybe depends on the page). So yes, the "dosage" of how many delays you get is not very well controlled for. Still, I'm using this setup for years and it definitely does something for me.

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