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Congratulations on getting published!

I've bought the book and read until the Delegation chapter.

Up until now I find that the topics are interesting and the writing is very direct and unpretentious which I appreciate.

I also like the approach you took of wrapping it in a story, I think it makes the topic a lot less dry.

At the same time I feel that it doesn't go into the detail I would like.

For instance I feel that the “How to Measure Your Output as a Manager” is a bit hand waved by using Andy Grove's equation. This is a topic I struggle with because I sometimes feel that I don't produce anything as a manager and that is frustrating.

Nonetheless, the chapters I've read are fine as a starting point and appreciate that you suggest additional literature to deepen the topics.

Overall I'm positive about the book, would buy again :)

That's kind of you to say that! Thank you. Can I email you to get some more of your feedback? What's the best way to contact you?

Hi, sure, check my profile for my email.

Thank you for reviewing the book, your comment was very helpful to me :)

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