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Australia's indigenous solution for bushfires. It's been around for 50k years (cnn.io)
11 points by sogen 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

As the article itself says (contradicting the implications of the headline), fire management practices based upon those of aboriginals have indeed been adopted.

The problems are that (1) Aboriginal practitioners of these techniques did not have to take into account the risk and impact upon houses, farms, towns and interruptions to peoples lives; and (2) with the effects of climate change, there is now almost never a good time to perform hazard reduction burn operations, and certainly not long enough periods to cover the huge areas at risk. I would agree that increasing the applicable manpower and budget (as noted in the article) would certainly help, and should be given a higher priority.

1) their burns are smaller, cooler and intensively managed.

2) The people who do it would disagree.

People have been employing consultants to use traditional techniques around their properties, and they've been working, and haven't seen them blamed for any out of control fires.


I didn't see any magic natives in the article - just an acknowledgement that they've been living in Australia for 50 thousand years, so have built up a lot of knowledge about how to interact with the indigenous species.

mysticism? magic? It was never implied in the article; what was implied that they had a more successful approach to doing controlled burns.

And to the other side of your equation, "modern science" conquering nature is a mode of thought that has not served us well in many cases. This isn't to reject science (ever!), it's that hubris is best avoided.

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