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And also the part of the rumors that makes the least sense. Hack through the middle management and bureaucracy with a chainsaw, cut off all the incredibly inefficient contractors, clean all the dead wood from R&D, kill one or both of the in-house operating systems, give up on building services and just start preloading every phone with Bing services for big money, etc. One might not agree with those actions, but at least one could plausibly argue that they'd be beneficial to the future of the company.

But how exactly is moving the heart of the company into Sunnyvale going to help? Nokia isn't exactly in the position to compete for the best people in those horribly over-fished waters, especially soon after a round of brutal layoffs. Are the dregs of Silicon Valley really going to be that much better than the talent elsewhere? Does the world even need one more company centered around that echo chamber?

I agree -- I think the best thing Nokia could do is probably to relocate somewhere more central within Europe (Berlin? London?) and become the strongest European mobile phone option, vs. trying to compete for talent in SFBA. Arguably they could also try NYC or another major city with lots of development expertise but no strong mobile company.

At least in the US they'd be free to fire the dead weight. The laws in Finland are made to protect the workers, and a previously fired employee must be considered before hiring somebody new. This might be a reason why Nokia have so many external contract workers.

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